Low Testosterone Therapy

TestosteroneAt Fort Bend Corrective Health Center, we believe in empowering patients to reach and live optimum wellness. Combining chiropractic with other holistic healing methods, including massage therapy and physical rehabilitation, our approach to wellness emphasizes approach to wellness emphasizes clean nutrition, plant-based supplements, and moderate exercise. Understanding that hormone replacement may become necessary as people age, we offer natural hormonal replacement therapy to meet this need. Though many people think of NHRT only as it pertains to women, testosterone replacement therapy for men can be extremely useful in restoring vigor and vitality. Testosterone therapy is believed to be useful in combatting issues like sexual function, diabetes, and obesity, while promoting heart health and strengthening bones.

Testosterone replacement does carry some risks, however, so it’s important to choose a practice experienced in administering low testosterone therapy. Risks include increased sleep apnea, acne, and even an overproduction of estrogen. It’s important for doctors to closely observe patients undergoing male hormone replacement therapy, with full blood panels and hormone monitoring.

Fort Bend Corrective Health Center uses state of the art diagnostic tools as part of a thorough examination and diagnostic assessment for each patient. By working with patients to set attainable goals, and develop a treatment plan customized for each unique situation, we empower them to live healthier, more active, happier lives. As part of our holistic healing therapies, we offer bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for both men and women.

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