Food Sensitivity – Allergy Testing

Intolerances to specific foods differs significantly from allergies. Unlike allergies, intolerances may vary from situation to situation, while an allergy always produces the same reaction. Intolerances are caused by the body’s inability to process specific substances and may cause bloating, digestive problems such as gas and/or diarrhea, fatigue, headaches and even the inability to lose weight or weight gain.

Symptoms may be difficult to link to specific foods, environmental substances or food additives because they may not occur until hours or days later. To complicate the situation, each individual has a different tolerance for specific foods, so even if a person has an intolerance to a specific food, it may be so mild that a small amount of that food doesn’t cause a reaction until enough of the food is eaten or is consumed consistently over time.

Are you experiencing headaches, rashes, chronic digestive discomfort and diarrhea, obesity or the inability to lose weight? Trying to identify the cause of chronic discomfort can be complicated when it doesn’t seem linked to a specific food, but an intolerance and sensitivity test can help. Pinpointing specific foods and food additives that should be avoided can produce dramatic relief of uncomfortable symptoms.

Because food intolerances develop later in life due to compromised digestive functions brought on by stress, alcohol intake and the use of NSAIDs, adults may find that they have developed intolerances to foods they have been eating their whole lives. In addition, digestive functions become more sluggish as we age so it is common for intolerances to develop after 40.

Some common food intolerances are:

  • Dairy products (lactose)
  • Food additives and preservatives
  • Wheat
  • Red Wine

Food intolerance is much more common than allergies and dietary changes to avoid the offending food can help you feel better quickly.

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