Failed Back Surgery Treatment

Back pain is extremely common, but severe back pain can be debilitating. Back surgery is often a last resort, so failed back surgery can have devastating effects, not just on a patient’s physical well-being, but on the mental state as well. Unfortunately, Failed Back Surgery Syndrome, or FBSS, is not uncommon, and carries symptoms that include chronic leg pain, chronic back pain, joint instability, muscle weakness, numbness and tingling, and even a worsening of the symptoms the surgery was meant to cure. A failed spinal stenosis surgery, for example, can lead to a patient dealing with worse spinal stenosis symptoms than he or she had before having the surgery.

operationIf you have had a failed back surgery, and are now experiencing symptoms brought on by the failed surgery, Fort Bend Corrective Health Center can help. Using state of the art diagnostic tools to assess and determine the root cause of your condition, the doctors at Fort Bend will design a treatment plan specifically customized to meet your needs, helping you with chronic pain management while working to help your body to heal. Using treatments like physical therapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, gentle stretching, and simple exercise, Fort Bend takes a holistic approach to wellness that helps patients attain their wellness goals and live happy, healthy, active lives.

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